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Sharing Our Families Tradition With Yours

Buona Sera

Nestled deep amidst the mountains of Italy, the community of Scala Coeli (stairway to the heavens), is where you will discover the savory secrets to the gentle flavors of our cuisine. It is there that my grandmother learned that using the ingredients directly from the garden yields the most robust flavors, thereby enlivening the recipes of her grandmother.

The tradition of sharing food among family is as important today as it was in the youth of my grandmother. Great strides are still taken to ensure each meal is the best of what each family has to offer. The secret is the perfect combination of fresh ingredients, pride in preparation and a love of the labor. As our ancestors shared throughout the generations with us, we would like to share them with you and your family.

It is our hope that you find a little bit of heaven here in our home..

A family tradition,

Vanessa Lacona Devine


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